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Outcomes of the feedback hub solution development

Moving the management of assessment online has opened up new possibilities and expectations around the role of assessment in learning. One of these is the use of holistic feedback; feedback that comes from across the years of a degree programme, and not just the modules a learner is enrolled in at the moment. History: the … Read more

Vendors start work on assignment interoperability in IMS

For the past couple of months, vendors such as TurnItIn, Blackboard and Elucian, as well as a number of UK Universities, have been working on a solution for assignment interoperability in the IMS Assignment Task Force. This is highly relevant for the Jisc’s Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) project, because it holds the promise of … Read more

More comparisons

It looks like many of you are undertaking similar work in comparing tools. Here is another contribution from Anna Verges, University of Manchester looking at Turnitin/GradeMark and Blackboard in terms of their e-submission/e-marking/e-feedback capabilities. Manchester Comparing_submission_marking_Turnitin_vs_bbv5 She has also provided some further analysis relating to Blackboard – can it carry out certain functions and, if … Read more

Mind the Gap

Marking and production of feedback is probably the most problematic component of the life-cycle as it is the area where the fit between institutional processes and the functionality of commercially available IT systems is least well matched. We are hearing very clear messages from the sector that existing systems do not adequately meet institutional requirements … Read more