Monthly Archives: September 2016

Online exams webinar recording now available

The recording of our webinar ‘Online exams: migration or transformation’ run jointly between Jisc and EUNIS is now available. Listen to the recording on our YouTube site to hear the views of: Stuart Allan, who recently completed an MSc on the subject at the University of Edinburgh David Parmentier, Sogn og Fjordane University … Read more

Updated product comparisons

It’s a couple of years now since we had a flurry of activity around people sharing and discussing product comparisons (search on product features/comparisons if you want to look at the archives). Since then we have published a set of supplier responses to the sector-wide specification (spring 2016) and this was updated in September 2016. As … Read more

Online exams: sign up for our free webinar

Following our guest blog post where Stuart Allan talked about his research into online exams we are running a webinar on the topic in collaboration with EUNIS (European University Information Systems organisation). The webinar will take place on Wednesday 21st September at 12.00 UK time. Book your place here:   Read more