Supplier responses to UK HE EMA system requirements

We are delighted that 16 suppliers have so far responded to the Jisc and UCISA invitation to complete our EMA system requirements template.

The template was designed to clarify the core requirements of UK He providers. The responses will help universities and colleges better understand the ways in which particular systems can support their needs and to see how particular combinations of systems might work together. The template is based on our assessment and feedback lifecycle and is intended to be used in conjunction with our guide to EMA processes and systems.

Download the attached Excel spreadsheet (see below) to view a summary table and all of the individual responses.

Please note the following caveats:

  • The data is based on self-reporting by the suppliers. Neither Jisc nor UCISA has tested the products and inclusion in this listing should not be taken as an endorsement of particular products
  • The individual responses are recorded under supplier name not product name. If you are having trouble finding a product check you have the correct supplier. For example:  Banner = Ellucian; Canvas = Instructure; Moodle Coursework = University of London; URKUND = Prioinfocenter
  • The list of requirements relates solely to EMA and may not represent the full functionality of the systems included here eg student record systems cover many functions other than assessment
  • This listing includes products intended to cover most of the EMA lifecycle as well as some more niche products. It is intended as a means of identifying which combination of products could meet your needs. It is not a like-for-like comparison of similar systems.

We will continue to update this information from time to time to cover additional products or new releases of the featured products, and will list any updates along with the original. Suppliers wishing to submit new or updated information should contact Lisa Gray

You are welcome to use the comment facility on this blog to discuss and share information about the effective use of all of these products and particularly their interoperability to help others.

Original responses

February 2016: EMA System Requirements Supplier Responses 2016 02 V1


August 2016: EMA-System-Requirements-Supplier-Responses-2016-09-V2



3 thoughts on “Supplier responses to UK HE EMA system requirements

  1. Rebecca McCarter

    I think the system requirements set out in the template are a fantastic start. My only criticism is that it is missing a section relating to general management information and reporting – I find it is often the case with these tools that the module and sometimes programme level are covered but requirements for managing from a faculty/institutional level frequently aren’t taken into account. Perhaps this is symptomatic of how EMA has tended to be adopted within the sector. Either way, I think it would be very useful to try and capture.

  2. Gill Ferrell Post author

    That’s a very good point Rebecca. Although we consulted widely on the specification MI and reporting did not feature as requirements. Similarly we left a bit of a ‘placeholder’ for learning analytics related to assessment but we’re not hearing a lot on the topic at present. Jisc has just sent a reminder to suppliers and received a number of updates and new entries so there will be an updated version of the responses published next week. I’ll make sure your comment is flagged to remind us to review the template for the next major update.


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