EMA Self-assessment tool update

Work is progressing well on a diagnostic tool that will help you assess the state of progress with electronic management of assessment in your area of work. At the end of the assessment you will be able to able to estimate your current state of maturity and develop an action plan.

The tool uses five stages of maturity:

Researching You are at an early stage of EMA. You do not seem to have a comprehensive view of organisational activity overall; policy, process and systems seem fragmented. Ensure you have senior management support to undertake further investigation. Start by defining the principles that underpin assessment and feedback in your organisation and find the areas of good practice you can build on.
Exploring You are probably aware of pockets of good practice but have not really begun to try to scale this up. You will need to be clear about expected benefits in order to effect the cultural change needed.
Embedding You are at a tipping point where fairly widespread experimentation is close to becoming mainstream practice. A key issue will be ensuring that business processes are sufficiently consistent to support a more holistic approach.
Enhancing You are probably already supporting the core of the assessment and feedback life cycle with technology and looking to fill gaps and find more elegant solutions to existing workarounds.
Pioneering You are looking to go beyond automation, standardisation and efficiency gains to ensuring that EMA has a truly transformative impact on learning and teaching in your organisation. Your organisation is probably a provider of many of the resources in our toolkit but we hope we can still provide some inspiration and support.

The tool has been tested with a pilot group of institutions. As a result of their feedback we are making improvements so that the tool better meets the needs of those working at a more localised level than whole institutional change.

We hope to be launching the final version early in the New Year so keep an eye out for more updates.

The self-assessment tool is being developed using the Jisc co-design approach and we are particularly grateful for participation from the following institutions:

Anglia Ruskin University
Aston University
Birmingham City University
Manchester Metropolitan University
Plymouth University
University of Bradford
University of Edinburgh
University of Hull
University of Nottingham
University of Sheffield
University of Southampton
University of York

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