Solution development is under way: can you help?

First a potted history for those new to this blog – Jisc has been working with the community to:

As a result of your participation and feedback 3 projects will be getting under way after the Easter break. All projects are due to complete by September 2015. Some of you have already expressed initial interest in being part of these projects. Now that we have the work more clearly scoped we would be grateful if you would use the expression of interest form linked below to tell us exactly how you would like to be involved. Some aspects of the work will require relatively small working groups but we will endeavour to maximise participation in review and feedback activities. Most of the activity will take place online but there will be a few face-to-face activities.

Expression of interest form:

Project 1: EMA Requirements Map

Contact person: Gill Ferrell

The aim of this project is to review the workflows associated with the assessment and feedback lifecycle (particularly those around marking and feedback) and produce a set of visualisations that describe the main academic practices and the key variables that influence decisions. By reducing the ‘noise’ around differences and focusing on what is pedagogically significant the project hopes to provide institutions with a means to review and improve processes and help system suppliers better support common UK practices. It is hoped that institutions that have already undertaken process review in this space may find opportunities to replace frustrating ‘workarounds’ with better solutions.

The project will:

    • Identify, validate, specify and present (at a national level) a high level set of assessment and feedback workflows that represent the diversity of practices across the sector.
    • Develop a more detailed process layer under each high level workflow and validate these with a range of sector representatives.
    • Prototype a range of ways of viewing these processes, validate with users and develop and test an interactive, online tool to present these workflows and enable engagement with them.
    • Map individual systems to workflows, to identify which aspects they support, and any gaps.
  • Identify any anomalies to the identified workflows and explore how to deal with these in terms of the scope of this work.


Project 2: Feedback Hub feasibility study

Contact person: Wilbert Kraan

The aim of this project is to deliver a study exploring the potential development of a Jisc-funded tool that would deliver an aggregated view of feedback and marks, with both tutor and student views. By examining some of the pedagogic, technical and process factors involved in implementing a feedback hub, it will inform the business case, identify the options for taking this work forward, with the cost/benefits discussed for each, and recommend the way forward that would offer most value to the UK HE and FE sectors.

One of the widely supported solution ideas was the development of a system independent, service / application / plug-in for aggregating, organising and presenting feedback (and marks). A second requirement was that it also provides opportunities for interaction about feedback and marks between staff and students. Before we can take the development of this tool forward, further analysis is needed into the business case to ensure that whatever Jisc does adds most value to as many of our customers as possible.

The study will explore:

    • The challenges, opportunities, benefits and risks of Jisc assuming a role in feedback hub provision.
    • User stories around feedback and marks aggregation
    • A review of existing systems and business models.
    • Ethical/policy implications.
  • Recommendations on where Jisc can add most value in this space.


Project 3: EMA Toolkit

Contact person: Gill Ferrell

The aim of this project is to deliver an interactive online toolkit, based around the assessment and feedback lifecycle, that will provide examples of effective practice at each stage of the lifecycle. The toolkit will be written in an action-oriented way, to enable response and action by the institutions involved and will include resources such as: tools; case studies; shorter vignettes of good practice; policies and processes; information on technologies and integrations.

The project will:

    • Engage a working group of representatives from the sector to ensure that the design, themes and examples meet sector requirements throughout the development of the toolkit.
    • Identify resources and seek community involvement to fill gaps.
    • Explore the requirements for the toolkit from a technical perspective and work with specialists to create the final output.
  • Commission and support some projects to pilot the resources and revisit the toolkit in the light of the lessons learned from the pilots.


Other work

Another of the solution areas explored was improving the reliability of assignment submissions. At present Jisc will only be taking forward the policy, procedure and guidance aspects of the proposal and this will be included in the EMA toolkit. Contact Gill Ferrell if you wish to contribute ideas or resources.

The final solution area was EMA systems integration. At present Jisc is looking for examples of good and sharable practice that can be integrated into the EMA toolkit. Contact Wilbert Kraan if you wish to contribute ideas or resources.

1 thought on “Solution development is under way: can you help?

  1. Cheryl Reynolds

    Thank you for this update on the outcomes of our meetings. It’s good to see these shaping up into some really lucid and productive initiatives. I would be glad to be involved in both the Feedback Hub and the EMA toolkit if needed,

    Best Wishes



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