Centralising Feedback

Many institutions struggle to provide truly developmental support for learners because of difficulties in storing and accessing feedback at a programme level. This is a particular problem for personal tutors who need to understand how students are performing across a range of units, but may not teach on any of those units and thus do not have access to any of the marks or feedback.

This topic has recently generated a lot of discussion on the ALT list. One of the good examples shared was from Tim Neumann at  the Institute of Education:

On behalf of Gwyneth Hughes, Project Director:

We have been piloting storing and accessing feedback in Moodle as part of a JISC funded Assessment Careers project. This has not been at all straightforward  and there is by no means a centralised system but a report on the Moodle plug in pilot and how the process was received by staff and students can be found at http://jiscdesignstudio.pbworks.com/w/file/84707434/AssessmentCareers_Report-ToolsToSupportAC_2014-08.pdf

My additional notes:

Thanks to the project above, we have a relatively straightforward access route to all assessment and feedback stored digitally with the VLE (Moodle) as the aggregator. A student view is not yet implemented, but unless I’m wildly overestimating coding issues, it should be relatively straightforward to create. This however does not include post-exam-board data (i.e. the grades that really count), for which we would need a full VLE-SIS integration – our approach leaves a door open for that, but this project is still in its very early stages.


There is more on this topic including further examples on p34 of the EMA Landscape report http://repository.jisc.ac.uk/5599/1/EMA_REPORT.pdf

Do you have any experiences to share?


2 thoughts on “Centralising Feedback

  1. Gill Ferrell Post author

    Pebblepad Feedback tool

    Several of the organisations we work with have been asking for such a tool – ideally built in such a way that the student can actually interact with the feedback and grades e.g. reflect on feedback themes, see grade patterns, plan for improvement etc. Working with some of those institutions we’ve developed a tool to service this need (as well as provide a platform for tutoring/mentoring).

    The CRA are hosting a webinar on Thursday 11th of December in which I will be introducing said tool (in its phase 1, late Beta stage [note the caution]). Details here: http://www.recordingachievement.org/news-and-events/events/all-events under the title Flourish: the guided development space.

    Happy to provide more info off list

    Shane Sutherland

    1. Anna Verges

      I would agree that an Porftfolio tool is a ‘natural’ place to store and access student feedback for the duration of a programme of study. If that is so, then a closer link between EMA and ePortfolio tools is required. In our case we are trialling Mahara.


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