Monthly Archives: July 2014

What’s the problem?

I have attempted to summarise the key generic issues (coming out of the responses to the online questions and the Think Tank outcomes along with these discussion threads) mapping them to the lifecycle¬†and trying to identify whether they are: – cultural – process or – technical issues As ever your comments are welcomed: Description Type … Read more

Mind the Gap

Marking and production of feedback is probably the most problematic component of the life-cycle as it is the area where the fit between institutional processes and the functionality of commercially available IT systems is least well matched. We are hearing very clear messages from the sector that existing systems do not adequately meet institutional requirements … Read more

The right tools for the job

Approaches to marking and feedback are often highly personal and conditioned by preferences for online or off-line marking. Some staff prefer familiar tools such as Microsoft Word but find the lack of integration with other EMA systems a drawback (e.g. the need to return work to each student separately – involving an email per student). … Read more