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It looks like many of you are undertaking similar work in comparing tools.

Here is another contribution from Anna Verges, University of Manchester looking at Turnitin/GradeMark and Blackboard in terms of their e-submission/e-marking/e-feedback capabilities.

Manchester Comparing_submission_marking_Turnitin_vs_bbv5

She has also provided some further analysis relating to Blackboard – can it carry out certain functions and, if so, how does it do it?
Manchester Bb_assignment_tool_interrogation_2014_v1 2

Thanks very much for these contributions – keep them coming.


6 thoughts on “More comparisons

  1. Gill Ferrell Post author

    New product comparison from Keele University
    Dear All,
    I’ve been having a conversation with other learning technologists about the differences between SafeAssign and Turnitin. We’re looking at what might be best done in each tool as we have both.
    There are some great comparison tables out there but all seem to be out of date. For example most report that Blackboard SafeAssign does not have online marking / mobile app.
    Does anyone know of or have an up to date comparison table or who people be willing to help populate this one I’m starting:

    Discussion gratefully received.

    Tim Smale
    e-Learning Fellow
    Faculty of Health
    Keele University

  2. Gill Ferrell Post author

    Blackboard/Turnitin comparison from Brighton

    I made some initial comparisons in May this year as a series of blog posts, and we are currently carrying out a detailed comparison between the two tools. We’ll feed back to this list (ALT) when its complete. If you’re interested in collaborating on this please let me know.

    Initial thoughts:
    • Round 1:
    • Round 2:
    • Round 3:
    • Round 4:
    • Round 5:

    Craig Wakefield

    Learning Technologies Adviser
    University of Brighton (Hastings Campus)

    Note: This information is now summarised on the ALT website

  3. Gill Ferrell Post author

    Peter Reed’s thoughts on Brighton comparison
    Hi Craig,

    Really interesting comparisons. Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve recently used both tools for two separate assignments. It’s possible that I may have missed one or two things, but what I would say in addition to the blog posts is as follows:
    • BB Grader App is now available. However, could do with relatively basic improvements e.g. remembering institution on sign in (if not remembering UN & P). Changing orientation when marking seemed to flip it out a bit as well.
    • Rubrics – Bb rubric tool is hidden under a very small drop down arrow in the right frame. Easy to miss. I suppose you might also easily miss the Grademark rubric if you didn’t know it was there, but it’s a little more obvious.
    • Multiple submissions – I found it nice that Turnitin overwrites earlier submissions. Bb keeps original submission so a student might have uploaded 4 times. Marking the first one only to realise there are other submissions is a pain. And navigating between those seemed clumsy, especially on the Bb Grader app.
    • Comments – Even though I had hidden the gradebook, students could see the comments in Bb/croc as I was inputting them. This meant I had to stop leaving in text comments, which is obviously poor from a feedback perspective, whereas the Tii post date hides it all completely.
    Overall, I’ll continue to use Turniting/Grademark I think (despite being unsure about reliability). At least until the Bb tool is improved upon.


    1. David

      Re: Comments – Even though I had hidden the gradebook, students could see the comments in Bb/croc as I was inputting them …

      Please note this has been fixed in the Cumulative Update 5 for Learn, Release 9.1, Service Pack 14 (released Nov 12 2014). We’ve tested this and it works for us.

      David Callaghan, Learning Technology Development, Edge Hill University.

  4. Gill Ferrell Post author

    Sheffield guidance on whether to use Blackboard or Turnitin
    The University of Sheffield has produced a comparison table to help staff decide whether to use blackboard assignments or turnitin assignments. Thanks to Ros Walker for this link.!/file/TurnitinvsMOLE.pdf

    Further staff development materials to support the use of Turnitin can be found here:


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