Further thoughts on a generic assessment and feedback lifecycle model

Our earlier blog post invited discussion on an assessment and feedback lifecycle developed by Manchester Metropolitan University. The same model has been used and adapted by the University of Edinburgh who have looked at it from the perspective of staff, students and the support group. We are grateful to the author, Mark Wetton, for permission to share this adaptation and, again, we invite your comments (you need to open the post to see the comments box).


Edinburgh Lifecycle - supportlinearworkflow2

1 thought on “Further thoughts on a generic assessment and feedback lifecycle model

  1. Gill Ferrell

    Interesting that return of feedback and return of grades are separated at the top level in this model whereas the MMU model groups them whilst recognising the possibility that they may be two separate sub-processes.
    See also the post on closing the feedback loop for Sheffield Hallam University’s approach to ‘adaptive release’ whereby students are required to engage with their feedback before receiving their grade.


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