Monthly Archives: June 2014

Online marking: is the tide turning?

 The issue of online marking has polarised academic staff for a number of years but recent years have seen some large scale shifts in attitude and widespread moves towards online marking. The pattern of institutions moving gradually to impose e-submission and e-feedback but leaving marking practice to the discretion of individual academics is a common … Read more

End-to-end EMA at Walsall College

Walsall College is using an integrated suite of technologies to support the whole of its assessment and feedback lifecycle: read more about its implementation here. Background and context Walsall College is a general FE College that also delivers HE level provision. Its FE level provision is purely vocational and does not include A levels. The College … Read more

EMA and inclusivity

EMA offers enormous benefits for students, staff and situations alike but we need to ensure that issues of accessibility and inclusivity are adequately addressed. In an earlier blog post we looked at the debate around whether anonymous marking really helps to ensure fairness and there is also a need to consider whether any bias in … Read more

How many models of marking are there?

One of the big issues for HE institutions is the fact that commercial EMA systems do not readily support institutional marking processes. Some of the institutions we talked to are pessimistic about ever achieving effective technology supported workflows because of the range of different marking processes adopted in different disciplines. Others have done some research … Read more