Creating user personas


One way you can really get involved is in helping us create a rich understanding of the typical users of EMA, by that we mean students, academic staff and administrative staff (but there might be other users you know about). These personas will help us in the idea generation stage where we imagine solutions to their challenges.

To help capture your thoughts and insights we’ve created a user persona tool which you can access using this link

Using the tool:
1. Choose at least two personas (e.g. student, lecturer), then answer the questions on the form:
2. Give them a name and define their role. What are they studying, are they full or part-time, are the international or local. What does a typical day look like?
3. Describe their main motivations. What do they want? What do they need to achieve?
4. Think and describe their needs. What are the factors influencing their behaviour?
5. Define the dependencies, enablers and constraints. What do they need in order to achieve their goals?

This should take about ten minutes per persona.

We welcome anyone from the sector with a contribution to make to get involved with this activity. The deadline for submitting your proformas via the form (see link above) is Friday 28th November.

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